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  • By CoupleInExile

    After a lifetime of edging towards serious BDSM sexuality, E has educated, indoctrinated, and truly hooked us on our new femdom sexuality. By circumstance, we are a (very) long-distance couple. And our evolution has been lengthy. After considerable searching for someone experienced, friendly and compatible, we asked Mistress E if she would consider being Mistress M’s surrogate via FaceTime.

    Talk about enthusiasm! Our circumstance and desire for a lifestyle education via the Internet was a novelty, even for someone as experienced as E. She’s taken such pains to educate and encourage M’s evolution; and P has a vivid new understanding of what real sadism and slavery will be for him. We can’t thank her enough and we hope for more opportunities to grow our lifestyle with and through Mistress E. Hopefully she’ll reach out and find other couples with whom to share her skills – we’d love to meet other similarly interested couples. Look for us on as ‘CoupleInExile’.

  • By Dougie

    This is one 'wicked' Mistress. She has way too much fun and enjoys the torments She inflicts on you.........and ye come away loving it all the more. Imaginative, wickedly cruel, well equipped and seems to read yer mind, and then beautifully stretch yer limits should you wish. Well well worth a trip to Cheam. She builds the 'play' and takes you on one hell of a trip and time doesn't seems to bother her.........only the effect She is having on you. She 'grows' with every moment of your suffering for Her. She also spends way too much time laughing at your suffering. There should be a law against that. Are Dommes allowed to have that much fun?? As ye may gather, i will be back, and back, which kinda says it all.

  • By Vernon

    We all have our fantasies of the 'perfect mistress' and often this fantasy is fueled by what we have read or the portrayals of dominatrices the we have seen on television - such as Lady Heather as featured in 6 wonderful episodes of CSI. But quite often, we are let down by mistresses who are cold, uncaring and seem to want to get rid of you as soon as possible.

    I was beginning to think that I would never find a mistress who would take pride in her work and create an atmosphere so that I would totally give in her whims. Mistress Elektra immediately understood where I was coming from and what kind of journey I wanted to go on during out first session. I knew I had found the perfect dominatrix.

    When I first phoned, I was nervous but was immediately put at ease by her friendly voice. She showed that has has a great sense of humour, and her manner made it very easy for me to book a session. When I arrived, I was excited but nervous, but again, her friendly manner put me at ease. I had already emailed some wishes and a list of my experiences and also areas that I had not explored and wished to. She had read my email and had in mind a structure that would combine 'Nipple Torture', 'Anal Play' and CBT.

    We eased into the session with me standing up with arms handcuffed above my head to the frame of the four poster bed. Mistress Elektra demands eye contact, and I understand why, as she sees into your very soul, feels every sensation that your body emotes. She started with gentle nipple torture to relax me but increased the intensity as she saw my enjoyment. When she put on her high heels and gazed down into my eyes, I knew who was in charge as she sent huge waves of pleasure through my body - it was a truly erotic experience!

    I was then placed on the bondage hammock, with my arms and legs handcuffed to the 4 corners of the bed. Again Mistress Elektra gazed into my eyes as she increased the severity of the nipple torture. Her touch and timing is unbelievable, she knows exactly when to quicken the pace and when to slow down. The combination of having my cock and balls tied up and attachments placed on my genitals, along with her pulling on the chain that was attached to my nipples, sent huge waves of total bliss though my body as I experienced feelings and emotions that were new to me.

    Mistress Elektra was "in a good mood" and she gave me a superb rectum - and prostrate - massage, which made me more receptive for what she had in mind! She then stepped up the intensity of the session by putting an electro-dildo in my arse. Whilst I was getting gorgeous anal pulses, she continued to work on my cock and balls with renewed ferocity and at the same time increased the size and weights of the clamps on my nipples. There was a small pause as she came over and bit hard into both of my nipples which by now were yearning for more and more treatment before she continued to work on all three areas of my body at the same time, driving me further and further and closer to the edge and providing me with the most exquisite highs..... until........

    MIstress Elektra is the perfect dominatrix. She is a virtuoso and she knows just when to move from eroticism to more severe gestures, because she reads you totally. She combines warmth and beauty with a sexual allure and tantric touch which sends shudders through your body. Her intelligence combined with here incredible knowledge and understanding of how manipulate your body, will give you an unforgettable experience. After our first session, I know I can trust her 100% to take me on journeys that I never thought were possible. I will be booking another 90 minute session - 60 minutes is not long enough - as soon as I can. Whether you are a newbie or an old hand, I heartily recommend Mistress Elektra!


  • By straponluvinmaleslut

    Having visited Mistress Elektra on a few occasions I have become more aware of the effect she can have on you with her MINDFUCKING skills. Its can also be called the POWER of the written word. Now mostly used via our phones in the form of text messaging! her MINDFUCKING texts can leave a devastating effect on you that will leave any slave or submissives mind in a terrible state!

    Point in question was on friday 11 october 2013 when I was busy working away and I recieved a text message on my Iphone from Mistress Elektra saying "Hello cock sucker"! Indeed I have been gagged many times by her big black strapon cock but seeing that message come up on the BANNER alert on the iphone made me respond quickly as you see I am not allowed to hide alerts from Mistress Elektra as she enjoys the thought of me being humiliated and trying to explain that message to a person who might pick up the phone by mistake!!
    Having reponded with a brief "Hello" message I was instructed to go to the toilet and wait for further instructions. I made my way to the busy toilet and noticed a woman decorator near the toilet door painting the wall. I then received another text asking if "I was in the fucking toilet yet?... If not to fucking hurry up"! I closed the door and I was expecting a call or something but I received another text instructing me to fuck my cock hole deep with my pencil !! By this time I was shaking from fear of getting caught to carry out such a peverse act at work to please Mistress Elektra.. I texted back saying its a busy toilet and someone was just outside but Mistress Elektra was having none of it and also demanded I took pictures for her amusement. I proceeded to wank my cock hard and looking at my Iphone with all the abusive, humiliating texts coming in as my cock became hard and ready to fuck my cockhole with my pencil as Mistress Elektra ordered! My cockhole has been well trained by Mistress Elektra so the pencil was buried nice and deep as I was fucking my cockhole in and out. I took some pictures as instructed and was trying not to moan too much for fear of being heard by the woman decorator just outside....( To Mistress Elektra amusement ) !!!!
    Having completed the task I sent the pictures to Mistress Elektra and made my way out of the toilet still flustered from fucking my cockhole. I resumed my work and then I received another text saying I must return to the toilet but this time use a screwdriver to fuck my cockhole!.... I said it would cause suspicion returning so early, with a screwdriver in my hand but Mistress Elektra is so demanding and made her feeling known with more absusive text messages!
    I walked towards the toilet again and the woman decorator gave me one of those looks!!! I made an excuse about a doggy curry from the previous night and entered the toilet again and proceed to get my cock hard to shove my screwdriver down its hole and took some pictures as proof again for Mistress Elektra. The cold shaft of the screwdriver felt so good down my cock as I fucked my cockhole in and out and it reminded me of those lovely red 6" spiked heels that Mistress Elektra uses to great effect!... She can be such an Evil Bitch and loves peverse and unusual acts to amuse herself.
    Today Monday the 14th october 2013 I was ordered to write this account of events by Mistress Elektra. I was asked this morning how my cock was after Friday's abuse and that I was to endure more abuse and pain of self inflicting acts of peverse D.I.Y CBT to please her!

    Having thought that Mistress Elektra had forgotten over the weekend about her OTHER intentions for me to carry out more D.I.Y CBT acts to amuse herslef with she mentioned she would love to smash my cock and balls with a hammer as CBT and BALLBUSTING is one of her favorite acts so I got that dreaded text message "good morning slave" ....."Dont forget to HAMMER your cock" "Go off to the toilet and do it NOW!!! "...I replied that the female decorator is still in the area of the toilets which made her more determined for me to do it!!!!..... "Good.....Go and fucking do it then!"...."Hammer your cock you cunt" she texted..... I proceeded to the toilets and got my cock hard as the texts kept coming in and I was ordered to Video it this time !!! I began to hit down on my cock with hard blows trying not to wince too loadly and film this depraved and peverse act for Mistress Elektra. I sent the clip off to her phone. The reply was " Oh I love that clip but you must hit your cock fucking harder you cunt" !!!!

    Never a dull moment serving such an Evil and peverse Domina that loves inflicting pain and amuses herself at your suffering!

  • By Leather Loving Steve

    You never know how that first call will go, confidence shattered by a very recent failure, where I had to stop the session after five minutes, I waited for her to pick up. Her very laid-back attitude came over straight away and her accent was strange but very engaging, we quickly agreed the basics and the date was set. On arrival she caught the feel of my state of mind and out spilled the incident of three days prior, she immediately reassured me and put me at ease, after a brief discussion of what I was hoping for, we selected her outfit and moved into the play area. There was a smile on her lips but steel in her eyes, then quite suddenly, there she was, my high-heeled dominant leather goddess, I sank to my knees and began to kiss her legs in the sheer black tights, a gloved hand firmly pushed me down, till I lay groveling at her feet kissing her shoe, the other foot now prodded at my hip for me to roll onto my side, the foot then began to prod and poke at my willy, when satisfied it was fully erect she bent forward and grabbed it and squeezed, pulled and twisted it, with this rough handling and her towering imperiously over me I knew I was ready for some real pain, I sat up and positioned myself against the end of the bed, she lifted her foot for me to place the heel and then began to press down, I kissed the leg that was doing it and she increased the pressure now in agony, in total awe of my mistress, I managed to let her know that she should pull as well and with my rock hard willy an easy handhold she duly obliged, after several minutes of incredible pain she stepped back and I immediately threw myself at her feet kissing, worshipping her and shuddering at the emotion of it. We repeated the process a number of times, she also warmed my bum secured to her flogging block, strapped me to her bondage bed and physically pulled my pelvis off the floor using my Willy as the handle whilst my wrists were trapped under the heel arch of her boots. when it was time to finish, with my hands cuffed behind me I had to humiliate myself further by shagging that same boot arch. Mind blowing stuff, which she seemed to have done with such ease, but afterwards she told me that much of it was new to her, can't wait to see her again now she's got the hang of it!!!!!

    Leather Loving Slave

  • By Damon

    What can I say to do justice to a total knock out of a session with Mistress Elektra? The session was a real rollercoaster of sensations carefully and cleverly orchestrated by Mistress Elektra. Time is taken to test you gently at first, then more strongly and always sensitive to your reactions keeping the play at a level just right but testing you always. I am not sure I have met someone so attuned to your reactions and with an ability to tune in to them. She really can get into your head if she so desires.

    Mistress Elektra also has a great sense of humour and added a touch of fun and humour into the session which added something really special.

    I could give a more detailed account of what took place, but it was so good I'd rather savour it all to myself and just say I absolutely loved every sensational minute with Mistress Elektra and cannot wait to be under her power again.

  • By Slave Dave

    Well, I couldn't go too long without seeing the lovely Mistress Elektra again so I went back to see her just two days after my first session. I love nipple torture and Mistress Elektra is an expert at this. My nipples were still sore from the session two days earlier but I asked Mistress Elektra to be severe with them and she was eager to oblige.

    My arms were tied to her cross making me helpless, and Mistress Elektra laid into my nipples with a whip, nipple clamps, her nails, her teeth and a nipple stretcher. I was in heaven. After taking me close to my limits of endurance with my nipples she untied me from the cross and then tied me down to a bed. She inserted a small electric shock device (I think it was called a rocket) into my ass and proceeded to turn the shocks up gradually, at the same time she continued to torture my nipples with a nipple stretcher. An electrical shock device was attached to my cock and balls and sent shivers of delight through them.

    Mistress Elektra is a fan of water sports and it wasn't long before she was emptying her pee all over me. I'm not sure if it was just my imagination but her stream of pee seemed to flow for ages.

    Once she had finished peeing she sat on my face and ordered me to lick up every last drop of pee which I absolutely loved. While still licking her clean the electrics around my cock were turned up and I could no longer hold back my load.

    It was an amazing session with Mistress Elektra. Being a bit older I have seen several mistresses over the years and I can safely say that Mistress Elektra is the best I have ever seen. As well as being a great mistress she is also a wonderful and intelligent lady. I am so glad to have met her and will be back for sure next time I'm in the area.

  • By SmallIndianCock


    I decided to do a cam2cam session with the gorgeous mistress and had such a great time i wanted to meet her for real. So one week later i arranged a meet. I was a little nervous as ive never met a mistress, but the webcam session made me feel really comfortable. I have a small cock and wanted to try some humiliation, and be introduced to this world. So a week passed and after wanking off her at least 3 times a day:) finally the day came of our appointment.

    I walked in an there was the gorgeous elektra, with her warm friendly but serious voice and then the fun began. I wanted a quick shower and then to be introduced to all the dungeon and toys.

    My goodness she had the most amazing dungeon. I never would of expected it in her lovely flat. You are transported away to a dream with her. There were so many toys i didnt know where to look. i was slowly introduced to them , one by one.
    It was perfect. !!! But i was so turned on and dripped cum everywhere. !!! She soon punished me though. I was humiliated and forced to wank for her. I came soo hard.
    Was an incredible experience and i recommended anyone who is even slightly interested or curious to try her. :) But be nice and respectful.

    thankyou for a wonderful time...
    small indian COCK :)

  • By Paul Gloss

    Well what can I say, I have so far had 2 wonderfully intense sessions with the just sublime Mistress Elektra. What strikes me the most was how she intuitively knows how and when to push further, but also how to relax and stabilise the intensity.

    The first session was more than anyone could expect when two people meet for the first time, she immediately understood what made me tick even though I looked like a bank robber and was not afraid to experiment; the second session just built further on the first and its clear that Mistress Elektra is very keen to explore further with her 'playthings' and not just content in keeping the status quo.

    Its very rare for anyone to begin to trust someone so soon, especially when they are causing pain, but it just feels so right, although I must admit, I just wish she wasn't so good at emptying her rubbish bins before I arrive :)

    Really can't wait until I see her again, if only to help with the clearing up and reduce the amount of hosiery I have already started to amass there.

    A lovely person, who obviously really enjoys her playtimes and is not afraid to push and explore different things.

    Ahhh Blisss.


  • By Little Alan

    went to bi party again saw two guys getting spit roasted how good was that! Mistress was so hot dresssed in short leather skit with a arse to worship !dungeon was fab now fitted with swing, mirrors also fitted next to whipping bench so u can see yourself. Mistress was great with the duty belt on and had the body search straight away.I loved the way I could relaxed so easy even with the other guys and also the Mistress.
    If you get a chance this is a Party not to miss.
    I see you on your next Party.

    Thanks again for the lovely time.

    little alan

  • By Hubbasuba

    What a birthday treat. I met Mistress through a popular website, and on a whim, decided that I wanted to see her. She was very accommodating and understanding, and once I plucked up the courage to call her, my mind was set at ease. I raced through the London traffic and the abysmal rain, and very soon after I was met at the door by Mistress herself.

    I've seen one Mistress before, and in that situation, the session began as soon as the door was opened. Not in this instance. Mistress offered me a drink and we simply talked through everything that I'd done and was interested in, before being given a tour of her impressive dungeon. Once that was out of the way, so to speak, Mistress took over.

    It's probably not the done thing to gratuitously pore over every detail of what happened, but my interests in electrics, CBT, nipple torture, anal play, watersports, were all well satisifed. I've got some more kinks up my sleeve for the next time, which based on this first visit, there definitely will be. X

  • By Dougie

    One fun special Lady. Put's you at your ease (for a while) and something that makes her special is SHE ENJOYS what She is doing. I get the feeling the more you get to know her, the better/worse for you. Inventive and with some lovely nasty 'kit, which She knows how to use and the imagination to go much further.......... all in the name of fun of course. She 'drinks' in your pain/humiliation. Guess i'll be one of many going back for more.

  • By Straponluvinmale

    I arranged to meet Mistress Elektra after seeing her profile on ADultwork and
    navigating through this excellent website.The most importantly factor for me is having a domina that possesses a powerful visual impact and presence in extreme heelsand Mistress Elektra meets that with full marks! Amazingly powerful and shapely legs!

    I booked a two hour session with MIstress Elecktra and she spends quite a bit of time in getting to know you before the
    play starts to ensure that play time runs smoothly.

    After leaving the room and returning with her killer heels and tight PVC costume I was ordered to start cleaning her heels
    and making sure I was blowing her heels as if I was sucking cock nice and deep. From the lounge I followed Mistress Elektra
    on all fours behind her into her dungeon which was fully equiped with all sorts of torture impliments and a variation of strapon cocks and anal probes.

    After some arse worship I was chained to her special bondage bed and subjected to some nipple torture where my limits were pushed but also respected.My cock and balls were tightly bound and received a serious amount of abuse which she enjoyed to administer using many methods to inflict pain.That scrubbing pad felt so good over my nipples and cock! The look in her eyes as she inflicts pain is a sure sign Mistress Elektra really enjoys her work! At your suffering!

    I had the pleasure of being her urinal in taking her golden wine directly into my mouth as she stool over me on her special bondage bed. I was instructed to swallow it all up with a few hard slaps in the face for good measure!
    She can also serve up her Golden wine in many other ways for consumption as she has such a wicked imagination!Looking up and seeing such a shapely arse over you is simply eye candy!!

    I have never served a mistress for full toilet duties but Mistress Elektra has the perfect arse to serve up a chocolate treat!

    My arsehole also came under attack with some fisting and had an anal probe shoved up and played around with using the electrics dialwhich can be very uncomfortable when turned up.

    If you love having your cock & balls kicked with extreme heels than MIstress Elektra is the domina for you. She enjoys this a great deal in seeing you suffer and she kicks hard but with the correct technique!

    Having been into bdsm play for ten years my main love is being fucked up the arse by an aggressive Domina with a big strapon cock but we had such fun and we over ran our session by half an hour which is an ideal oppurtunity to return to be fucked all over her appartment in every postion possible by an aggressive domina that simply loves being a Dominant bitch!

    Highly recomended!

  • By Lee

    My first seesion with Mistress Elektras. Abit of a novice I attended with the view of checking out my bi-curiousity and turned up feeling quite nervous. The mistress is a hot attractive lady who spent some time talking with me to put me at ease. The session. Wow, tied up in the swing, mistress massaged my prostate with her fingers, tied up my balls placed an electric cock ring on me and an electric butt plug up my arse. Electrics was a first for me which i found very addictive. The butt plug was amazing with my arse twitching every few seconds as though I was being fucked. The cock ring was particulary good with sounds being inserted into my cock. Blindfolded my mind was in overdrive. Mistress talked dirty to me which was a turn on. I wanted more. In the end I could not control myself, when I climaxed the cum shot out of my cock everywhere. Wow... I am planning to see the mistress again with a view of exploring my bi-side further perhaps sucking cock. Highly recommended. 

  • By Slave Peggy

    A wonderful site I can't take my eyes off you, when time allows I shall make an appointment for training.

  • By Dougie

    Wow. Tease, torture & be cruel, she ain't fibbing. Mistress is inventive, creative and just lovely, if ye are allowed to call a Domme such. Lot's of toys that she so enjoys playing with, and that's before ye even get to the mind (games). Nice and leisurely and ramping things up all the time.... dizzying. After first visit i knew i had made the right choice, and my second visit Friday just confirmed that. I'm gonna be back for more!!!!!

  • By Slave John

    I have just had a web cam session with Mistress Elektra, she looked wonderful in pvc basque, stockings, suspenders, high heels, and rubber gloves. She totally hooked me i am going to be her slave and do whatever she asks or wants.

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