World of pleasure & pain

Always Required

A  tribute is always required and devotional offerings from My slaves must be  generous in a manner fitting for a Mistress. Do not insult Me with a fatuous  offer of your pathetic little body, or to please Me in exchange for My services.  PLEASE NOTE: First time meeting with Me you will have a 15 minutes  free consultation  to discuss your interests and fantasies.

Length of sessions

I prefer sessions to last at least an hour, and if I am enjoying myself I am certainly not a Mistress who keeps one eye firmly on the clock. I do offer a half hour session, but don't expect too much from me if you are only giving me 30 minutes to play with you.

0.5 hour:   £100
1 hour:      £160
1.5 hours:  £200
2 hours:     £240
3 hours:     £300
Overnights: £500-£900


If you want something particularly involved, or complicated to arrange (e.g. another body present), I may require a deposit from you and I will not usually consider anything too complicated until I have seen you at least once. Prove to me first that you are a serious player.
Live Web Cam One-to-One:   Would you like a private One-to-One webcam session with me? All you need is a reasonably fast Internet connection and a webcam yourself for a private One-to-One webcam session with me. I use Skype for my private One-to-One webcam sessions and picture and sound quality is usually excellent.
What You Need

1. You need Skype installed! Click this link  GET SKYPE  if you require Skype Software.
2. You need a webcam installed and set up to work with Skype.
3. A Paypal account.
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