World of pleasure & pain

Mistress Elektra!

 So you wish to be dominated by a strict and experienced Mistress who will put you in your place?

I am Mistress Elektra and I adore living in a world of pleasure and pain – I can't wait to see how much pain I can inflict on those set of balls that you grew and if your not kneeling within minutes of entering my presence then I'm sure a swift kick in the balls will address that moment of madness and lack of respect. My pleasure, your pain! I love what I do and I do what I love!

I am 5’7” and a curvy size 12/14 with blue eyes and long dark red hair. I adore fetish wear.

What I'm looking for

I am looking for slaves and submissives who love to be teased and tortured. I love to tease and can be cruel in many ways. You will know your place – under my heel
You will want to serve and worship at my feet, to obey my whims and have your fantasy made reality.

I am sometimes gentle to some of the weaker slaves, this is only order to build them up into perfect fully fledged masochistic slaves that can take my full power.
I don't use safe words at all even for the weaker slaves in training. Fully trained slaves defenetly do not need safe words as I am the one who knows your limits. I created them!! I will continue to push those limits as I/we develop together.

Your will is Mine when we are in My Dungeon and I expect you to comply fully with My demands. If you should fall out of line, punishment will be swift and just.
I may not be a loud Dominatrix it times but that does not mean I am not Dominant by any stretch of the imagination.
Domination is a state of mind and being not a state of voice!! I treat my subs, slaves and fetishists as individuals and cater for your fantasies specifically. I am happy to work with the experienced and the inexperienced provided you are genuine in your interest in femdom. I shall respect your limits as you will mine.

When you contact me

When you approach me for a session we will discuss your interests and fantasies.

You must be clear about your likes and dislikes.
I will need to know a little about you in order to plan the session.
Be realistic. If we do not know each other well enough then I will give you a safe word.
Anything you are not sure of then please ask me.
Email or phone but do not withhold your number as I will not answer your call.

I am open minded and like to listen and build relationships with my clients. I believe this is an important factor in getting the best possible experience for us both. I like to enjoy my sessions as much as you. I don’t enjoy them if I think you aren’t having fun – even if that fun is leaving you in pleasurable pain.

If you wish to serve me you will arrive on time and be clean and alcohol and drug free.
I do not allow smoking in my domain.

NOTE: For the simplest of slaves, the rule is just to obey and adore your Mistress. I have a particular personal fetish for electro play, CBT, Strap-On and sensation play. My main rules are arrive on time and be clean!

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